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Hilltop Extreme

A revolution in luxury, style & comfort, the Extreme is in a class of its own and is a true off-road model.

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A revolution in luxury, style & comfort Grampian is in a class of its own with spacious ensuite

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A revolution in luxury, style & comfort Hotham is in a class of its own and the highest specification model.

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Paddington is the result of new invention of Hilltop Family comes with spacious bedroom area in the middle with 2 single beds or spacious slide out bedroom.

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Strength and performance while delivering a luxurious living space, these Feathertop models feature upscale amenities at an attractive price.

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Combining Hilltop Caravan’s legendary comfort, luxury, quality, and value, our Saddleback is sure to set a new industry standard.

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Kosciusko model is the ultimate in quality construction and spacious living featuring premium amenities and abundant storage capacity. It is the largest model with ample space for all the family members.

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21F Full Height Caravan built on cruise master XT coil suspension with twin shock absorbers (off road suspension).

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This nice little 14’6”F Off Road Caravan has got everything you want. Ideal for free camping. H-14 is small and compact but it has got lots of storage space in it.

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HillTop Thredbo is a 22.5F Long Middle Bathroom caravan. Bedroom and living area is separated by a cavity sliding door.

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Hilltop Hotham Peak is a 20F Semi Off Road Full Height Caravan.

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