HillTop Reunion 2024

HillTop Reunion 2024

A Hilltop Family Getaway Recap

Our Epic Gathering of Over 300 Hilltopians!

It’s no secret that Hilltop Caravans has always been so much more than just a caravan manufacturer, it really is a family and our recent catch-up event showcased the community feel of Hilltop Caravans. 

Our 2024 Hilltop family reunion took place at Nagambie Lakes Caravan Park where 138 caravans and nearly 300 Hilltopians came together to celebrate their love of all things caravans! 

More Than a Caravan Manufacturer

At Hilltop Caravans, we are proud to have built a thriving community of like minded individuals that get together and share laughs and Hilltop Caravan memories over a few drinks. 

The sense of camaraderie at the 6th annual Hilltop Caravans catch-up was palpable as caravan lovers from all over the country joined together to catch-up and enjoy the picturesque Nagambie scenery. 

The Hilltop Caravan catch-up had Hilltop customers from years past including Ron Galea, Hilltop Caravan’s first ever customer, who arrived at the meet-up with the very first Hilltop Caravan ever made!

Ron Galea shared his story on how he became Hilltop Caravans first ever customer, becoming a founding member of the Hilltop Craavan’s ever-growing family! 

“I was looking for a new van,” says Ron, “and I drove up to Yarrawonga and spoke to them and they said in a couple of days we have a new van arriving that you might like.” 

When the new van did show up, Ron was ready to join the Hilltop Family saying that there were a few factors that convinced him to go for the Hilltop Caravan. 

“The way it was set out and the workmanship, it just seemed to have everything we wanted so we decided ‘yes, we’ll take that’,” Ron said. 

Ron has travelled in his Hilltop Caravan across Australia and it’s been his reliable travel companion ever since 2015. 

It’s not often that you get to stay in touch with your first ever customer and the first caravan ever made, and catching up with Ron and checking in with him and his Hilltop is one of the things that make our annual catch-ups so special. 

Forming Lifelong Friendships

One of the things that makes being a Hilltopian so special is the connections you make along the way with other Hilltop owners. Forming lifelong friendships and encouraging a sense of community is something we pride ourselves on at Hilltop caravans, and the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the community we have created!

Ruth McMahon, the co-organiser of the Hilltop Caravan gathering says that it really is the opportunity for bonding that makes the event so special. 

“We’ve got so many new people here that have never been to one of our events before,” Ruth says. 

“They’ve just watched us on Facebook and this is where we’ve come too, and to be honest I get tears,” says Ruth, overcome with emotion at the community they’ve been able to cultivate. 

When you buy a Hilltop Caravan you get so much more than just a van, you really do join a family and form friendships for life. 

Celebrating Community and Camaraderie

Our 2024 Hilltop family reunion was a huge success, and it really is a testament to the vibrant community we’ve built from Hilltop Caravan customers. With over 300 Hilltopians in attendance the event really did embody the spirit of camaraderie and the passion for caravanning. 

We take pride in being more than just a manufacturer, and getting to see our Hilltopian family growing every single year fills us with so much pride. 

As we sit back and reflect on the success of our 6th Annual Hilltop Caravan Family reunion, we’re once again reminded that Hilltop Caravans is so much more than just a brand — it really is a way of life! 

When you join the Hilltop Caravan family you’re joining a community where bonds are forged, memories are made and adventures are shared. We are already eagerly awaiting our next family reunion for more laughs, more fun and to welcome more members to our growing family! 

Until next time, we want to wish you safe travels on the road, and when you pass another Hilltopian, don’t forget to give them a wave!

Don’t Forget to Keep in Touch!

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