Coastal Motorhomes Welcomes Hilltop Range


Coastal Motorhomes is excited to introduce a range of new products from Australia’s Hilltop Caravans.

Having been in the motorhome industry for 21 years, brother-sister duo Toni and Paul Farrell have a wealth of knowledge and experience they are sharing with customers in the Eastern Bay and around the country.

With network connections made through working in Australia, they have been given the opportunity to work with Hilltop Caravans, who are “very happy” to have their products hit New Zealand.

“When we visited their factory and saw the product in real life, it absolutely surpassed our expectations,” Paul says. “Their range is of a high quality, but at a fair price. They’re as excited about working with us as we are about them.”

With half the roads in Australia unsealed, Hilltop Caravans are designed to a high standard and can handle the toughest of road conditions.

“There’s a huge ground clearance, so you can take them just about anywhere,” Paul says.

As well as being strong, they also pack a punch in weight and Coastal Motorhomes makes sure the tow weight accurately fits the customer’s vehicle.

They can also spec the caravans to fit New Zealand needs.

“Most people in New Zealand camp off-the-grid with no power whereas, in Australia, it’s split pretty evenly,” Paul says. “These caravans can be spec’ed-up for people to live off-the-grid and be self-sufficient. Australians are also more concerned about air conditioning, while New Zealanders worry more about heating, so we can install diesel heaters to suit our weather conditions.”

Caravan manufacturers have their own production methods and Paul says Hillltop Caravan’s techniques are “tried and tested” and their components are Australian-made, making it easy for customers to obtain parts.

The Farrells have not worked with a franchise for a while and are super-excited.

“We know this is going to bring in a lot of customers. With our reputation, when people need their next upgrade, I believe this partnership will make people strongly consider us.

“We’re also a nationwide business, so when people travel here to get their caravans, or to get a service and upgrade, they will spend money in our town.”

Coastal Motorhomes will always have a selection of Hilltop Caravans in stock at the Mill Road yard for customers to inspect before placing an order. They will also be displaying stock at an industry show at Mystery Creek, Hamilton in September.