Our Happy Customers

A big thank you for the outstanding service you gave us yesterday. Hilltop went out of their way and Dham insisted on going over the whole van to check out if there were any other issues that needed fixing or adjusting, that we may have missed. We are glad that we are a part of the Hilltop family and your attention to detail; ensuring your customers are your focus is outstanding. We couldn't be happier with our Grampian and the adventures we've had in it. It is so comfortable and everyone who sees it asks us questions about it is blown away by the quality of the build and finish. Well done to you and the Hilltop team.
John Klein - VIC
Unbelievable service from our very first phone call onwards. Your pride in your product is amazing. We love our caravan. Thank you for everything
David and Di Wight - SA
We purchased our first van off the floor at a caravan show and when we decided it was time to upgrade we found Hilltop's reputation in the industry for their craftsmanship, quality of inclusions and customer service second to none. It was a no-brainer to entrust them to build our dream caravan. They did not disappoint and nothing was too much trouble. Dham, Dula and their staff were a pleasure to deal with and our finished Grampian van has exceeded our expectations. The van is larger and heavier than our old van, but it tows like a dream and provides a much smoother drive. We would highly recommend their vans to new or experienced caravanners.
Darren and Donna Carter - QLD
Hilltop Caravans, Where do we start!
The service and quality will not get better anywhere else. We've had our Hilltop THREDBO for about 12 months and just love being in it. Any little issue is solved with just one phone call to Dham and Dula. Bottom line is we are very happy customers.
If you want a top-quality caravan and a 10/10 after sale service, you can't go past Hilltop Caravans
Bruce and Shelly - NSW
Had this Caravan for 4 months now and I've been loving it so far. It's an unbelievable caravan worth every second minute of waiting. I did a lot of research before buying one so I knew what I wanted and this caravan is exactly what I wanted. Very well built. Hoping to buy another Hill Top caravan soon cause we're going to ware this out with all the travelling and fun. Dham's service is unbeleivable. Have always given us a hassle free after care.
Creg -VIC
It has been 1 year since we bought our Grampian and we simply love it so far. We just did a 20k trip and we lived in it for almost 4 months. We come all the way from Tasmania. We didn't go to the yard and select our van. We told what we want and Dham custom made it for us. We have the extended version of the Grampian with a lovely on suite. It's the best caravan.
Dennis and Bailey -TAS
Absolutely love our Grampian. Made is perfection. Would recommend to everyone. Service is second to none. Dham and Dula are  a pleasure to do business with. Any issues are attentded to promptly
Rhonda and Terry - VIC 
Excellent caravan; 7 weeks old and loving it
Wayne and Cath
Just love our little HillTop caravan plus the very friendly service. Very eager to please us. We highly recommend these great quality vans. Thanks to everyone that made this wonderful van for us.
Roslyn And Wayne
Great service and unbelievable hospitality. A pleasure to visit the birthplace of our WA based feathertop. Thank you Dham and Dula for your service
Murdoch And Sandra
We love our new Misty Caravan. A small problem arouse while we were away. We called in to Dham & Dula’s factory on the way home and it was fixed immediately. Couldn’t be happier with the wonderful service.
Carol & Rob Dennis
The service is outstanding at Hilltop. Nothing is a problem. Thanks Dham & Dula for all your work you did on our van. Very happy campers.
Bev & Tony
Thank you so much to Dham & Dula for our wonderful van. Dham help us design our own van purpose-built for outback Aust since December 2021. We have travelled 4 and half months mostly in the outback off-road. Everything in the van performed seamlessly. The quality of Hilltop Vans is excellent. we would recommend Hilltop Caravans to everyone.
Peter & Cath Yuill
At last after 3.5 years of owning our Island Star van manufactured by Hilltop, we finally got to meet Dham and Dula. They are both so friendly and helpful and deserve much success in their business. We have owned 4 vans since 2000, all from different manufacturers. I will say that we have never before with our other vans received the after sale service that Dham and Dula give. If you are looking at buying a new van you will love a Hilltop and the after sales service.
Joanne and Gavin Gittos
Out of any company we have ever dealt with this is by far the best service and attention we have ever received. The quality of the caravan is excellent.
Peter and Glenda Brock
Maden trip – travelled extremely well, love being by the river.
Lindsiy & Jen
Well made product.. Australian Made & Owned.. Great service and back up.. want the best forget the rest!!
Ross McGarvie - VIC
Wow!!! What a team at Hilltop Caravans. Service 10/10, after sales service 10/10, friendly, obliging and professional… What more could we ask for? Keep an eye out for us travelling in our fabulous new Hilltop Macedon so we can sing its praises to you in person. Thank you Dham & Dula..
James & Kate Knipping - VIC
No worries at all, very pleased with the van. After sales service is absolutely spot on.
Edward & Gail McCarthy - VIC
Great service. Easy to deal with. Good product. Nothing too hard. Great couple + friendly. Great after sales support.
Robert & Sue - VIC
We purchased our Hilltop caravan in November last year. We took it back to Dham and Dula today to fix a few minor things. Such a wonderful experience dealing with these special people. They are very professional and make you feel like you are family and nothing is too much trouble and no question goes unanswered! They love our van as much as we do! Thank you Hilltop! Love your work.
Leith and Vickie - QLD
Thank you for your help & support with our Thredbo.
Mr. & Mrs. Kemp - VIC
We had our Hilltop Caravan 2 ½ years & had lot of enjoyment. No trouble at all. After sales service is 1st class & can’t be beaten. Everyone highly spoken who had Hilltop Caravans. I travelled all over the Australia. I like to advertise Hilltop, because I am very happy with the product.
John & Beth Royal - VIC
Exceptional service… Exceptional people who own the business. Very happy about the van & the after sales service.
Mc Williams - VIC
Excellent after sale’s service. The little things that we had concerns about were attended to straight away with much courtesy by everyone at the Hilltop facility.
Vin & Judy Hofmeyer - VIC
We’re delighted with our new caravan and excited about all the adventures ahead of us. Dham, Dula and the Hilltop team have been exceptional to deal with and we couldn’t speak more highly of their service and friendship. the caravanning cavoodle
Colin & Helen Legg + Jessie - VIC
Couldn’t be happier with the van quality and exceptional service. They go above and beyond to help. 5 .Thank you Dham & Dula.
Darrel Snow - TAS
We have had our Hilltop Hotham for 3.5 years and have found the van to be excellent and the after sales service nothing short of outstanding. I would highly recommend Hilltop caravans to everyone
Andrew & Robyn Shaw - VIC
I am happy with the van & service of Hilltop caravans and Dealership.
Geoff Britton - VIC
Dropped in on my way home. These folks went over the van and sorted any issues that were found. Dham & Dula were extremely helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. They provided warranty over and above what I expected.
Brian Southerland - VIC
Absolutely fabulous service, wonderful people. They treat us like family and bent over backwards to help us with our small problems. All fixed and ready to go in an hour without any notice, we just turned up. Dham and Dula & team are fantastic.
Rob & Jane - NSW
Exceptional, unbelievable job. Very happy customer and highly recommended.
Christin & Peter - SA
After purchasing our van at Noel’s Caravans, manufactured by Hilltop Caravans cannot speak highly enough of the service, and after service we have received. Thank you so much. The finish of out van is well above expectations.
Mr. & Mrs. Brealey - SA
I picked up a lovely Grampian… Absolutely fantastic.. Recommend Hilltop to anyone.
Graeme & Raylee
Thanks Dham and Dula, It’s hard to find the words that express the wonderful experience we had today when we visited your factory. After 14 Months of owning our Feathertop, we found out we needed an extra solar panel while free camping. All it took was one phone call to Dham and Dula and from that minute onwards we received exceptional service, nothing was too much, they greeted us with big open smiles, cold drinks and real interest in our camping experiences and caravan. Within minutes of arriving the van was being checked over from top to bottom and nothing, I mean nothing was too much trouble. Amazing service, Generosity, Support, friendliness, Interest, Fun, Helpful and Informative. As a side note; Our van hadn’t been cleaned since we bought it, we had so much fun washing the van together and that included Dham on the roof of our van with a soggy broom. Thanks again
Peter and Sally
To all future Caravaners, I strongly suggest for anyone looking for a new van to consider looking at Hilltop Caravans. The attention to details is excellent. I can assure you, their service is also very good. We had a minor problem & they fixed the problem immediately we arrived at their factory.
Bill & Kathy
Very Professional and reactive & always do what they say.
To all concerned, Yvonne & Laurie can only express our many thanks for the very personal way our dealings have been handle, carried out & completes. It has been our pleasure to have dealings with all the team. Congratulations to all.
Yvonne & Laurie Hargrave
I am a very happy customer. Very easy and user friendly to deal with Hilltop Caravans.
Peter and Belinda Coad
Many, many thanks to the Management, team and co-workers of Hilltop Caravans, Melbourne for their absolutely fantastic prompt response, service and help while dealing with our current needs. It certainly was a great pleasure to meet them and we wish them well in their future sales.
Keith & Gwenda - TAS
This is our third new van that we have purchased. A Sunliner, a Coromal and now, a Hilltop. This particular van is by far the best in terms of build quality, actually getting everything that we wanted as well as after sales service. We spent many months planning the build and more than a couple of visits prior to deciding to order a Hilltop. Dula & Dham take a very different view when it comes to building any van in the Hilltop range. They and their build staff are extremely diligent when it comes to all the basic things about getting it right first time round. Getting the basics right then flows all the way through to the finished product. Highly recommended by ourselves and will be ordering another van from Hilltop once that time comes around
Darren & Karen Sheehan - QLD
Had a few minor issues. Contacted Hilltop, resolved them. Very quick and happy with there service.
Jen Sokolsky - SA
Thank you Thank you Thank you, I picked up my Hilltop caravan, Thredbo model in September 2018 after purchasing at the Wodonga caravan show, this was one of the first Thredbo delivered in Victoria, and like most things new it had a few very minor problems. After arranging through the agent I took my van down to the new Hilltop factory at Somerton, to have them addressed, well what a delight, a factory of smiling faces people busy and extremely helpful. My few minor problems were fixed in no time plus a few tiny things which I had not even noticed, great service, delivered by great people. All I can say is well done Hilltop, thank you. I consider my Thredbo as good or better than any van in its class and certain better priced.
Peter Naughton - VIC
We are very happy with the service.. always with the smile… always fix the problem…very pleasant to be with.
Ray & Pat - VIC
Very happy with our van and the after-sales service
Peter Lally & his lovely wife - SA
This is our third van over years and it is the best van we have ever owned. Tows beautiful and very comfortable inside. The service from Dham / Dula is 5 star. Nothing is a problem whenever we ring, they fix straight away. Nothing major just small things – you can’t go wrong buying a Hilltop van 10/10.
Sturt & Judy Bethune - VIC
We absolutely love our caravan
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Brendan McMahon - VIC
Dham, Dula & staff are absolutely marvellous to deal with. This is our 18th month in the van and we’re extremely happy with everything
Tony Bell & his lovely wife - VIC
I’m very happy about my custom made van
Steve - VIC
We Really Love Our Custom Made Caravan … Thank You.
Allan Tindale and His Lovely Wife - NSW
Friendly Management, Friendly Staff And Friendly Service…. Quality Is 100%…. Very Punctual….i’m Very Happy About My Van
Bob Henderson - VIC
We purchased our Hilltop Grampian caravan in June 2017 and have been living in it permanently for almost a year. We love the spaciousness and layout of the van. We have had virtually no problems with the caravan but the couple of minor issues we have had were dealt with promptly by Hilltop. We were so confident with the build quality of the van that we travelled to Birdsville almost straight after delivery, no problems at all! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hilltop Caravans.
Graham and Marianne - QLD
Travelled To Darwin And Returned. Great Trip… Van Performs Terrific, Just Like A Luxury Hotel…. Everything Works Great…… Lovely People
Fanton and Rosenne - VIC
Must Tell You That When We Were On Our Way Home From Anglesea In January We Passed Another Hilltop Caravan. Was Quite Exciting. I Hope They Are As Pleased As We Are With The Van
Jeanette and Bruiser - VIC
Just took our Grampian to the Hilltop factory for a 12 month check up. The service from Dham & Dula was without question the best after sales service I have ever experienced. They checked over the whole van and after a few minor adjustments, plus installing a fan for us I was on my way home. This is just the best company to deal with
Daryl Pobjoy - VIC
Beautiful van. Taws like a dream and brilliant service.
Rick & Caron - VIC
We called back to Hilltop for an after sale service today. We just love our van but mostly the people & service nothing has been too much troubled for them the whole way through.
David & Kaye - VIC
I like it. It’s light, it’s great.
Stewart - VIC
Hilltop Caravans an ‘A grade’ product. And the service and back up can only be summed up in one word as EXCELLENT.
Kewin - VIC
The service has been above & beyond expectation. Always very friendly. Happy to help with anything.
Ian & Windy Crocker - VIC